We provide a one-stop wedding service so that you can relax and enjoy the ride. Our team of experts will take care of all the pre wedding details, from legal documentation, to photographers, videographers, florists, entertainment, gown rental and the creation of lavish receptions. Treat yourself to pre wedding beauty rituals in our luxury wellness spa and let our gifted team of stylists and makeup artists ensure you are at your most beautiful.

An enchantingly unique wedding venue awaits you in the tropical botanical gardens of the Elephant Safari Park, located deep in the forests of Taro, one of Bali's most ancient villages.
Take a regal seat atop an elaborately decorated Sumatran Elephant and exchange vows under a traditional Balinese ceremonial pavilion, or jungle style pergola surrounded by a pride of pachyderms.

Our professional, highly dedicated wedding team are on hand to take care of all the details to help create memories that last a life time. We offer legally recognized weddings; simple blessing and commitment ceremonies; as well as religious or non denominational services. Choose from one of our wedding packages, or customize a unique celebration with the help of our expert wedding planner.

Legal Requirements
One the most important things for any couple considering legal marriage in Bali is that Indonesia will generally agree to marry a couple who hold one of the 5 religions recognized in this country (Protestant, Catholic, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist) and prefer that the couple are of the same religious belief. All person are required to present Certificate Of No Impediment (CNI) or similar document declaring freedom to marry.

• Cultural Wedding
A simple Balinese blessing ceremony imbued with the exotic flavor of the island. The traditional wedding pavilion is decorated Balinese style with temple parasols, coconut leaf, frangipani, white orchids and white roses. Exchange vows atop a Sumatran elephant amidst a Balinese procession of parasol bearers and flower girls in traditional costumes, accompanied by a mini Balinese orchestra.

• Continental Wedding
A multi-cultural blessing ceremony that mixes Balinese traditions with contemporary western style. The wedding pavilion will be adorned with fresh simple tropical flowers like roses, lilies and white orchids. Exchange vows, atop a Sumatran elephant accompanied by an exhilarating procession of Balinese boys bearing temple parasols, flower girls in traditional costumes, and a mini Balinese orchestra.

• Elephant Park Wedding
Ride in a traditional Balinese procession atop a regally decorated Sumatran elephant, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the gardens as the trail leads you to the centre of the park. A jungle style pergola awaits you, adorned with tropical flowers and draping chiffon to create a wildly romantic setting. Exchange vows with a pride of Sumatran elephants as your witnesses

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